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@pimoore @pratik @rnv I've used Ulysses-to-blot by exporting to my blot folder directly. It works well. I've made my own markup for Ulysses to work around Ulysses' quirky/annoying attitude toward markup. And I also use a screenplay formatting markup called fountain in Ulysses. It's not that difficult to switch back and forth between Ulysses' fake markup and my real markup. My one knock against Ulysses is that I lose things in the folder structure. That's why I'm still using Scrivener for longform projects like novels. I like the way Scrivener visualizes things and yes @pinmore I also don't like the way the Scrivener iPad app isn't the real deal. It gets down to personal choice, or in my case non-choice, since I use all of them for different purposes.

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