Blot is super easy in workflow land. One of my favorite publishing platforms, along with this one.

I’m guessing that noise-cancelling headphones have saved many work-at-home partnerships.

1000 days of cultivating good habits. Keeping track is the key.

Revisiting What Technology Wants

Rethinking the Future (again) – It’s a strange thing when time catches up with a book and renders even the most brilliant one obsolete, or nearly so. If I had read Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants when it first came out a decade ago, I would have agreed with every word. It is a brilliant work of scholarship that makes connections you might not think about, but which seem obvious when Kelly presents.

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Writing in bed works for me. Not every day, but on Saturday mornings.

Currently reading: Lexicon: A Novel by Max Barry 📚A wild ride. Makes you work to keep up with it. Not liking the violence 🔫 because it seems like a cheap shot to drama.

Not a big Jack Dorsey fan, but at least there’s this.

And in March, he appeared before Congress sporting a scruffy beard and nose ring, and irked lawmakers by tweeting during the hearing.

Looks great. Sounds great. Not much of a script. Review on

Spencer, 2021 - ★★

Malibu today.

Jack Nicholson Contact Sheet by Harry Benson

Take care of each other.

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