Heyyy -- we have a Publish button now. Upgrades are nice.

I use Scrivener's name generator probably more than I should. But I can't help it. It's fun.

Just thinking of something for

Our cat has a commitment to meditating.

Currently reading: Archive Fever by Jacques Derrida 📚

Your Performance Review Episode 06—Kai

In Episode 06 of Your Performance Review, a troubled child comes to Michel for a review and leaves by making a threat. Listen to Episode 06 Kai is under review because he has been swearing in preschool. But Kai is no ordinary child. He has been modded, artificially enhanced with expanded memory and intelligence. He holds a universe of planetary information in his mind, including the details of all missions being flown by admin.

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Getting closer… my novel is just about ready to go on Imgram Spark and is already good to go on KDP.

Getting closer ... My novel *Surrender* is almost ready for sale on Ingram and KDP. This is not the first I've written, but the first I thought worthy of publishing.

Excited. Need more espresso. Or maybe a nap. Not sure.

After having tried a few Mastodon Mac and IOS apps, I'd have to say that Whalebird is the most fun and easiest to use.

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Take care of each other.

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