Hello. Nice to see you here. This is my public notebook, the place to try ideas to see if they can survive in the wild. It’s a mix of short-form fiction, shorter-form essays, and very short-form thoughts. I post newsletters and blogs here. It’s loose by design, so don’t expect order.

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I am a writer, producer, and director. I produce podcasts. I have a long history in television production. I write novels. I am adjunct faculty in the USC School of Architure. Father of three, married to a goddess. Santa Monica, CA is my home. I was born in New York City.

I’m the founder and lead producer at Red Cup Agency. We work on interview, narrative, and audio drama podcasts. Subscribe to my newsletter The Waveform for a combination of company news and thoughts about audio production.


I post short-form fiction and podcast episodes at 500 Words. It’s the archive of my current creative output.

I’m the artistic director of the FutureX Network, a distributor of futurist podcasts and amplifier of futurist thought. I’m faciliating a creative podcast working group.

In the early days of the self-publishing boom, I boomed along with many others. Here’s a section of what I’ve published.

The Angel Playbook: An Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors Available in Kindle and audiobook editions.

Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups Available in Kindle, audio book, and paperback editions.

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I am mostly off social media these days and mostly posting here at micro.blog. I used to write for the iconic cartoon ThunderCats, Good Morning America, and was a producer on Dateline NBC but only two of those things are related.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Schneider

Take care of each other.

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