Open Notes

Care More Be Better

I was a guest on the Care More Be Better podcast to talk about eco-anxiety and my book Surrender. The host Corinna Bellizzi and I spoke about facing the consequences of our love of tech, evaluating the real value of futurist projects, the problems with “tech bro” companies, and what we can all do to address the climate emergency, one small (but effective!) step at a time. It was fun, and I talked for an hour while making sense the whole time.

Have a listen to Surrender Your Eco-Anxiety With Lee Schneider, Author, Podcaster, Producer And Director.

Working Steadily on Resist

While I do the promo swing on podcasts for Surrender, I’ve been steadily working away at the sequel, Resist. If you’re a fan of hashtags, try #wordcount in Mastodon, or I’m posting my progress there regularly. (Not on Twitter, though. Still have an account, but I can’t see through the haze of uninvited posts on my timeline. I feel, more than ever, that Twitter is a waste of time in the Elon era.)

When I go on podcasts, I often recommend books, and do it often enough that I made a recommendation list. Here it is on

I’ve always wanted to read Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Deathfor its incisive critique of the culture of television, but by the time I got around to reading it (last week), it has turned out to be an incisive critique of Internet culture. It was published in 1986. Some books age well. As I got into it, it seemed relevant to this age of chatbots-as-entertainment. Here’s my essay about that.

Book Marketing

I hired Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, to light up all things marketing and publicity for Surrender. The fireworks begin next week. If any of you are thinking of hiring a book marketer, I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned. In researching the decision, I worked from a list of twenty-five marketers, and interviewed my top three, and then chose Penny.

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