Open Notes

Issue 30 - Be a Better Podcast Host


Welcome to Issue #30 of the Waveform.

Professional Development for Podcast Hosts

Has someone at your company asked you to host the company podcast? Or do you wish they’d hurry up and ask?

One of the best parts of working at Red Cup Agency is creating new podcasts. Some clients I’ve worked with have hosted podcasts before, but many have not.

After getting feedback from clients who have benefited from podcast coaching, I’ve launched a 30-day professional development coaching program. It’s designed to help you raise your podcast hosting game, even if you’ve never hosted before. Here’s the info on the program.

Before podcasts, I produced network television specials and documentaries. I’ve prepped network correspondents for interviews and conducted interviews myself — all in all, hundreds of interviews. I’ll bring that experience to the new coaching program for podcast hosts. Let me know if you’d like to be part of it (or suggest a colleague for it) by replying to this newsletter.

The Playlist

At The Glo Podcast, a Red Cup Agency client, we are about to post our 60th episode. Keeping a podcast lively and informative for sixty episodes means that you have to mix it up. With The Glo Podcast, we have experimented with format changes.

For most of Seasons One and Two, the podcast episodes were long-form conversations between one of our hosts and a guest. The format was “deep dive,” running an hour and a half per episode. This season, however, we’re experimenting with thirty-minute conversations. We’ve also invited guest hosts, teachers, and consultants for Glo, to host their own episodes.

We’ve landed on a mix of regular episodes plus a series of special edition episodes featuring celebrated yoga teachers and experts.

Listen to one of our 30-minute episodes: Thirty Minutes with Glo Teacher Mark Osmundsen

Also on my playlist…

I’ve been listening to an (old) podcast about understanding the American race to the moon. Moonrise, from The Washington Post, is kind of like a Rachel Maddow episode in the way that it weaves together stories and revisits history.

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