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The Waveform Issue 24——Boundaries

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Terri Cole

Setting boundaries in our relationships is the expertise of licensed psychotherapist Terri Cole. In conversation with Lisa Brooks on the Glo Podcast, she discusses now to navigate what she calls high-functioning co-dependency in relationships and how to stop over-giving.

Many women, says Cole, are raised to be “good girls.” Being liked is the highest virtue. But when we prioritize other people over ourselves, it leads to a place of anger and bitterness. Terri Cole calls it “the disease to please.”

Her book Boundary Boss-The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen and (Finally) Live Free shows women how to attract and sustain healthy and vibrant love in their lives and maintain effective boundaries with grace.

Listen to Lisa Brooks Mills’s interview with Terri Cole on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or in your favorite podcast app.

There Can Never Be Too Many Podcasts

Can you imagine a time when Netflix will no longer be around? It’s possible. A time will come when streaming as we know it will no longer be the dominant entertainment portal.

Do you think podcasting will disappear? Here’s an intriguing stat that suggests otherwise. Almost half of all downloadsare of archive shows. Yet journalists who track podcasting seem only to write about when listeners discover new shows. That seems to be the only important metric. What those journalists neglect to consider is that podcast listeners are loyal, many listening all the way through an episode and through entire seasons. Catching up on the “back titles” is common.

You could also turn this around to producers, since many of us want to be “on the news” and up-to-the-minute. Production for the long game isn’t always about that. We have to build our podcasts to last.

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