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My new novel, Surrender, comes out in the first part of 2022. If you’d like to become an early reader and give me notes, get in touch with me at:

Resisting Power Starts With a Single Thought


Bradley and Kat didn’t know each other well at ABCD University, formerly known as Stanford, but when they meet again, following Bradley’s conviction for a violent act, they begin a turbulent relationship of love and hate that spans decades and shapes the future of humanity’s control over its own destiny.

It is 2050, and rising sea levels have submerged coastal cities and isolated the centerlands. The stress of water and food shortages and erratic weather events has caused world governments to fracture and fail. Into the power vacuum steps Bradley Power, an AI researcher who has created MIND, an artificial intelligence that, for the good of humanity, will replace human independence with computational governance.

Kat Keeper is a technological prodigy who bends the rules to build her company, nearly destroys her legacy, and finds herself in a struggle with Bradley for the control of all human thought.