Open Notes

Silence by Don DeLillo - some thoughts

Finished reading: Silence by Don DeLillo 📚 If you are a DeLillo fan, you’ll find this an awesome read. The existential dread, prickly prose, the general feeling of being out of your skin and your element are all there. If you’ve never read any of him, don’t start here. (White Noise would work for a start.)

Silence reads like the set up to a great horror movie … without the rest of the movie. I’m always amazed at how much character DeLillo packs into a few lines of prose, and this book doesn’t dissapoint in that. He sets some interesting traps for the reader, like misquoting Einstein and mistranslating a German word. He’s always been a pretty gloomy author (and in Zero K he got really gloomy) but reading this, I found myself missing the sideways humor of his early work. But hey, if I were in my eighties, and turned out Silence as part of a long, illustrious career, I’d be pretty happy about it.