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Issue 10 - Social Audio

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All the Fuss about Clubhouse

If you’re not on Clubhouse yet, listen to this week’s Same Same but Tech and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Clubhouse, in its short lifespan, has achieved a valuation of $4 billion. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Slack, and Discord are all working on rival platforms. Are we looking at the Clubhouseification of everything?

Clubhouse is something like radio, a little like a talk show. Something like a chat room. You drop in, listen to a conversation about dogs or dating or Bitcoin, raise your hand to speak or just hang out in the background. One of the most important reasons for its popularity is, of course, the pandemic. Everyone was (is still?) lonely. Clubhouse promises friends. It has the fun of a casual phone call.

Our storyteller in this week’s episode is Axel Mansoor. Featured in the New York Times, and for a time the face on the Clubhouse icon, he started a Clubhouse room called the Lullaby Club and fame found him when John Mayer dropped in.

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Dr. Douglas Brooks on The Glo Podcast

Dr. Brooks has wandered in India, studied with mystics, and received a Masters and PhD in religion from Harvard. All of that might qualify him to unwrap the inner workings of yoga, but what qualifies him most is his clear mind and way of speaking. In the podcast this week, he and Derik Mills, host of The Glo Podcast, define yoga through the texts of masters and the history of Hinduism.

As I was making notes on the master session recording, I was looking for the right place to divide the conversation into two parts to make two episodes. I came upon a section where Derik said, “But Douglas, you just skipped over thousands of years of history.”

“It doesn’t really matter,” said Dr. Brooks. “We have many more thousands of years to cover.”

They don’t hold back and cover a lot of ground. If you’ve ever been curious about the roots of yoga, this is your episode.

The Glo Podcast is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on the Glo website.

How the River Flows

How the River Flows continues its journey this week through the forests of the American Southeast. Andres Villegas leads a conversation about the triple bottom line, making a case for local investment in source water protection.

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