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Issue 09 - Inner and Outer Space

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Same Same but Tech covers Space Tourism

This week on Same Same but Tech, our narrative tech podcast, we tell the story of Richard Garriott. He paid $20 million to fly into space as a passenger aboard a Russian spacecraft. Richard has veered between success and disaster all his life, making and losing tens of millions of dollars. One dream, though, was constant: He always wanted to be an astronaut. NASA put an obstacle in front of him as a young man, declaring that he flunked their vision test. Richard had a different kind of vision. He decided to create his own space agency.

SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin are all tracing his steps now.

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Dr. Yasmene Mumby on The Glo Podcast

When I’m producing a podcast, I listen in on every recording session for every episode. Pre-pandemic, I went to the studio sessions when they were local. Now, I attend online. When Derik Mills, the host of The Glo Podcast, was interviewing Dr. Yasmene Mumby, I couldn’t believe what she was saying in my headphones.

Dr. Mumby is a former social studies teacher turned community organizer, turned audio producer, turned empathetic yoga and mediation teacher. Her journey includes two tumor surgeries and a stroke in her eye, causing temporary blindness. She personifies resilience, courage, and wisdom.

The Glo Podcast is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on the Glo website.

How the River Flows

How the River Flows continues its journey this week through the forests of the American Southeast with a conversation about watershed protection. Robert Farris, forester and ecosystem services manager, interviews Raven Lawson, a scientist and watershed protection manager in Arkansas.

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