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Issue 08 - The Meat of the Matter

Habits die hard. Imagine trying to overturn a habit that people have had for millennia. Now try this one: Meat production is a big factor contributing to the climate crisis. So how do you get people to stop craving burgers?

In this week’s Season 2 premiere of Same Same but Tech, Dana Worth tells the story of traveling around the country while lugging a couple of suitcases packed with frozen plant-based meat. He would roll into town, grill non-meat burgers for many a chef, and was thrown out of a few kitchens. But bit by bit and bite by bite, chefs signed on. Then everything changed when he landed the Big One.

Dana had the audacity to stride into the test kitchens at Burger King, a shrine to meat, a brand based on meat, and grill a burger made of plants. Burger King would take a chance on his plant-based burger. It was called the Impossible Burger. They called their version the Impossible Whopper.

For this season of the podcast, we’re going full narrative on you. We tell stories from beginning to end. This week, it’s birth of the Impossible Whopper. Next time, it’s the story of how a piece of computer-made art sold for nearly half a million dollars at a Christie’s art auction. Next, it’s going to be the story of creating a digital being who has three million followers on Instagram or the story of a man who paid $20 million to become the sixth civilian to go into space. Depends which episode is ready. I put both of them into edit. Just to be ready for anything.

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Same Same but Tech is hosted by Mauhan M Zonoozy, Head of Innovation at Spotify, partner-alum at BCG Digital Ventures, and NYC-based angel investor and entrepreneur. The podcast is produced by me and Corinne Javier. Edited by Brendan Welsh. Natalie Gregory is the assistant producer.

How the River Flows

This week, on How the River Flows, we take you to Texas to talk about using taxes and bonds to raise money to protect water sources.

Leslie Boby of Southern Regional Extension Forestry talks to Frank Davis and Commissioner Lon Shell, important water management players in the Hill Country region of Texas.

They discuss how communities around San Antonio are using taxes and those around Austin are using bonds to ensure they have clean water for generations to come.

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