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Issue 07 - Spiritual Growth

This week’s episode of The Glo Podcast is a conversation with Seane Corn, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, social activist, and author of Revolution of the Soul, a memoir about self-awakening through trauma and transformation. Seane discusses her never-ending pursuit of inner truth, racial justice, and radical self-acceptance.

Being a student of spiritual growth means that you’re always changing. You have to. It’s a constant evolution. And if I’m attached to a persona, there can be no change. — Seane Corn

We all like being in control. At least, as much as possible. (I’m a producer. I live for control.) But digging out the truth of self means letting go of control. Seane shares these and other lessons she’s learned along her spiritual journey. She and Derik Mills, the host of the podcast, talk about her experience uncovering her own biases and the importance of accepting ourselves as humans who are both good and flawed so we can reckon with systems of oppression and systemic racism.

Seane’s book wasn’t easy for her to write. Her first draft, a few thousand words, was as she called it, “a pamphlet.” She had promised her editor an eighty-thousand-word manuscript. In the podcast, she tells the story of how she got there.

You have to orient towards what scares you most. Because in the unpacking of that is going to be core to your own healing. It’s going to excavate some of the traumas that haven’t been dealt with. So there was a part of me that knew that this was going to have to happen, whether it got published or not. But that, in the process of unraveling these stories, something else was going to be revealed. — Seane Corn

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