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Issue 06 - Hormone Intelligence

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This week’s episode of The Glo Podcast is a conversation about autoimmune illnesses and endocrine health. Dr. Aviva Romm talks about her upcoming book Hormone Intelligence. Dr. Romm honors the Western medical system but sees its flaws. Women with hormone-related conditions can spend from five to nine years going from doctor to doctor before finally getting the correct diagnosis. Over her own long practice as a holistic doctor, herbalist, and midwife, she has also seen the interconnectedness of health and environment.

I don't believe that we can be well if our planet's not well. — Dr. Aviva Romm

Lisa Brooks Mills conducts the interview. She is Glo’s co-founder and Chief Impact Officer. “We can't separate what's happening in our culture, our lives, our diets, our environment, our microbiome, and our minds' moods from what's going on in our health. The diseases we are seeing are diseases of our modern living, and of a planet in distress, reflected in women's bodies,” she says in the interview.

Root Causes

As a woman affected by Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition, Mills talks about the culture of burnout and how women can be gaslighted out of listening to their bodies. Dr. Romm shares how women can take charge of their health, with an emphasis on connecting to nature and honoring their intuitive boundaries.

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