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Issue 04 - Burning Out

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This week’s episode of The Glo Podcast is a conversation with Dr. Amelia Nagoski about burning out.

Burnout has been on everyone’s mind during the pandemic. It certainly has been on mine as Monday blends into Tuesday, weekdays blend into weekends, and workdays blend into everything.

Burnout sneaks up on you.

Dr. Nagoski shows you how to recognize burnout happening in yourself and places special emphasis on how women experience burnout. She describes how living life under the patriarchy makes women more susceptible to burnout than men.

It's a matter of wondering, is my hemline too high? Is it too low? What's somebody gonna think of me because of what I'm wearing? Am I gonna put myself in danger because of what I'm wearing? These are things that men never think about, like they just take for granted. They're just gonna go to their car, and it'll be fine. And all these little stressors are happening inside women's minds all the time. And it just makes life harder than it should be.

— Dr. Amelia Nagoski

Women, Dr. Nagoski writes, can also become trapped in what she calls Human Giver Syndrome, a destructive habit of giving everything you’ve got to others and becoming depleted.

Dr. Nagoski discovered she was spiraling into an epic burnout while studying to become an orchestra conductor. She was the only woman in the program. Working with her twin sister Emily, they discussed the burnout experience with scientists and published The New York Times bestseller Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle.

What Amelia has to say will echo in your thoughts for a while. Stress remains trapped in your body. But seeking interconnectedness and a belief in something larger than ourselves, and also caring for others, are the best ways to overcome the effects of stress and move beyond burnout.

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