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The 500 Words newsletter looks different because I'm moving it off Substack and on to another provider called Buttondown. I will post my reasoning in a blog soon. In the meantime, before I start up the next story series, here's a mini-podcast with my youngest son. It's about a minute and a half. Sorry for the wait for the next story series! But it won't be long now. 1

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Not Tracking

Here at 500 Words you won't be tracked. I’m not tracking opens, clicks, or forwards. I’m not analyzing your IP address location. It’s just you and me, reading and writing. I’m trying to create a small part of the Internet that is focused on people and dialog, not marketing data collection.

I'm building a design-minimal but information-maximal archive of all 500 Words posts and podcasts.

  1. Now Here's Something is a silly but fun interstitial that I'm recording with my youngest son. It's up on Apple Podcasts along with the rest of the 500 Words podcast episodes. It's a way for me to tap dance (I can't actually tap dance, but you get the idea) as I spin up the next story series. ↩︎