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Issue 02 - Premiere - How the River Flows

The Waveform is a newsletter from me, Lee Schneider, the lead producer and founder of Red Cup Agency. When I have a new show to launch, or new episodes that I think you’ll like, I’ll drop you a note. So let’s get to it.

In this issue of The Waveform we start with the Rolling Stones and make our way into the forest.

Chuck Leavell was a member of the Allman Brothers Band and was the principal touring keyboardist and de facto musical director of The Rolling Stones. He’s performed on every Stones studio album released since 1983 except one. (Trivia question: Which one? Email me if you need to know.)

Turns out, Chuck likes forests same as he likes music. He’s into water conservation. So when my clients, the folks from Keeping Forests, asked him to provide music for their new podcast, he said yes. When you listen, the first sound you hear is Chuck on the piano.

Titled How the River Flows, the podcast is an instruction manual for forest landowners and stewards of the land. It’s a ten-episode conversation about how to protect nature. We interviewed policy makers from all over the country, foresters, and scientists. Foresters, I can now tell you from experience, are chill people. (Must be because they are in nature so often.)

Have a listen to the premiere episode of How the River Flows on Apple, Spotify, on the Keeping Forests website, or wherever you get your podcasts.

In Praise of Forests

Forests are noble organisms. They do the work of water purification naturally and with no fuss. They provide serenity. We humans endanger them with our invasive ways. We cut them down and we poison forests with industrial development.

In the West, where I live, most forest land is owned by the government. Not so in the South, where most forests are privately held. Keeping Forests helps landowners in the southeastern U.S. see the value in conserving their forests.


Because there are many stakeholders in this project, each episode of How the River Flows has a different host. Many of them never hosted a podcast before. They sound like pros, though, because we had prep time, good scripts, and rehearsals. The podcast is hosted at Simplecast and the interviews were done remotely using Squadcast


I was the producer on all episodes. Natalie Gregory was the assistant producer. Editing by Bogui Adjorlolo. Additional editing and mix by Brendan Welch. Music by Chuck Leavell. Funded by the United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities.

Thanks for listening. See you next time on The Waveform.


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