Open Notes

When you live with a magazine publisher, there are always deadlines to meet. Sometimes there are heavy negotiations about what will go into the next issue. There are copywriters to wrangle, indie artists to charm into contributing their work for the next issue, editors to calm, and copyeditors to negotiate with. It’s an involved process, particularly when the publisher is eight and hasn’t yet done his homework.

Cats Jumping on the Couch

Cats Jumping on the Couch started as a pandemic project. Now we feel the cycle is coming to a close after four issues. This one is the last, at least for a while.

If you have a five-to-nine-year old in your house, or know a few, the magazine has comics, puzzles, and stories. It’s been fun to produce and a growth experience of all of us, but especially for its eight-year-old publisher.

Cats Jumping on the Couch Spring Issue

Cats Jumping on the Couch