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Issue 01 - Introducing The Glo Podcast

The Waveform is a newsletter from me, Lee Schneider, the lead producer and founder of Red Cup Agency. When I have a new show to launch, or new episodes that I think you’ll like, I’ll drop you a note. So let’s get to it.

The Glo Podcast is Live.

I’ve been advising on the launch of a podcast about self-care from Glo. The Glo folks are an amazing team centered on improving your life. If I had to describe their work in a Zoom session or in a crowded cafe (the second scenario is, of course, imaginary), I would say they have created a platform for yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness that you can access online.

The Glo Podcast goes big with this idea by asking questions about self-care, deepening your sense of self and inspiring you to take action for a better world. Derik Mills, co-founder and co-CEO of Glo, is the host. We’re working on episodes about managing burnout, getting more sleep, dealing with anxiety, and discovering more resilience.

The first guest is Tina Lifford. You know her from starring roles in Queen Sugar, Scandal, and Parenthood. She is deeply involved in practicing and teaching mindfulness and resilience. Her book, The Little Book of Big Lies - A Journey Into Inner Fitness, was named one of Forbes’ 21 Books That Will Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet. Her episode premieres on Sunday, March 14.

Get started with the trailer. It’s just a couple of minutes and will give you an idea where all this is going.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, at or wherever you get your podcasts.

A Feature, not a Bug.

Here at The Waveform you won’t be tracked. I’m not tracking opens, clicks, or forwards. I’m not analyzing your IP address location. It’s just you and me, writing and reading. I’m trying to create a small part of the Internet that is focused just on people and dialog, not marketing data collection.

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