Open Notes

Issue 00 - Introducing The Waveform

Dear Friends,

Every now and then, my newsletter would show up in your inbox with new podcast releases and other news. There’s a lot of news to share in the coming weeks, so I thought I would get real with this. The newsletter even has a title now. It’s called The Waveform. You’ll see some changes. It will look different. There’s something else too, under the hood.

No tracking.

MailChimp, my previous mailing list provider, is really into tracking us all, just like Google is, and Facebook. MailChimp knows when you open a newsletter. Gmail scans your emails to analyze and sell your buying patterns to marketers. Digital marketing is getting more creepy by the day. I don’t want to be followed all over the internet. I don’t want Facebook building a profile on me. I don’t want some algorithm mapping my behavior. You’re saying, “Nice sentiment, Lee, but in the connected world, we’ll never escape this sort of mapping entirely.”

At Red Cup, I want to keep tracking to a minimum. I left Facebook a couple of years ago. I’ve removed Google Analytics from the websites I manage. Red Cup is still on Gmail and I’m working out how to leave. (The usefulness of Google Docs makes it hard.) For personal email, I’ve moved over to, which doesn’t track anything.

I still use Substack to publish an emailed blog about taking creative risks. Substack tracks opens. I’ve asked them if I can turn that off and they said they’re considering it.

Here at The Waveform you won’t be tracked. I’m not tracking opens, clicks, or forwards. I’m not analyzing your IP address location. It’s just you and me, writing and reading. I’m trying to create a small part of the Internet that is focused just on people and dialog, not marketing data collection.

Thanks for reading along with me, and see you next time on The Waveform,


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