New Year's card idea: "Here's to good timelines in 2023."

Calming down for a Monday.

I am fully validated on Mastodon now, including Micro Blog. Just a bit of code in the header does it.

As I get ready for the release of my novel *Surrender*, so many preparations! As soon as we're done with the production of the physical book, I have to revamp the website. When the writing stops, the work is only beginning.

I know it's late, but it's still somewhere.

The ability to map your keyboard the way you want sounds nerdy and probably is, but what a difference it makes to minimize stress in the hands and maximize joy when you type for hours a day like I do. Pain has vanished and posture improved because I'm also using a split keyboard.

I just published Episode 07 of Your Performance Review. This episode, like the others, features humans and bots interacting peacefully, reading lines together, and performing a short drama that takes place in 2036. The link goes to the newsletter with show notes. The gif is by Metin Seven.

Your Performance Review Episode 07—The Administrator

In Episode 07 of Your Performance Review, Michel recalls his previous mission when the Planetary Administrator visits him. Listen to Episode 07 Michel was the Mission Control bot on a lunar mining mission that failed. But the knowledge about Michel’s past seems that it will do him little good because it seems likely that Michel will be erased again before admin takes any action on what he has uncovered. The Administrator who visits Michel in this episode is the father of Kai, the gifted but troubled child who visited Michel in the previous session.

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It took two hours to get there, but I'm there now.

> Dextra stood in the entry, dripping with rain, holding on to the rim of the portal for support. She was weak, unable to stand on her own.
Kat sprung up and took her in her arms.

Will machine intelligence set us free or will we be become hypnotized by it?

Here’s a essay, part of a newsletter announcing Episode 06 of a science fiction audio drama.…

Take care of each other.

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