I’m guessing that noise-cancelling headphones have saved many work-at-home partnerships.

1000 days of cultivating good habits. Keeping track is the key.

Revisiting What Technology Wants

Rethinking the Future (again) – It’s a strange thing when time catches up with a book and renders even the most brilliant one obsolete, or nearly so. If I had read Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants when it first came out a decade ago, I would have agreed with every word. It is a brilliant work of scholarship that makes connections you might not think about, but which seem obvious when Kelly presents.

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Writing in bed works for me. Not every day, but on Saturday mornings.

Currently reading: Lexicon: A Novel by Max Barry 📚A wild ride. Makes you work to keep up with it. Not liking the violence 🔫 because it seems like a cheap shot to drama.

Not a big Jack Dorsey fan, but at least there’s this.

And in March, he appeared before Congress sporting a scruffy beard and nose ring, and irked lawmakers by tweeting during the hearing.

Looks great. Sounds great. Not much of a script. Review on letterboxd.com

Spencer, 2021 - ★★

Malibu today.

Jack Nicholson Contact Sheet by Harry Benson

While the skin is a visual sign of the body’s exterior limit, the physicist Karen Barad emphasizes how in fact bodies extend into space well beyond the skin. Molecularly, we spread into the “outside” world, mingling with it in ways that are not apparent to us.”

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