Reeder rss is working for me. The new Twitter feed tames the Twitter dragon.

Finished reading: Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami 📚

Currently reading: The Feminist Utopia Project by Alexandra Brodsky 📚

Only in the finest of restaurants does a cat warm your placemat before you come to dinner.

Impressive… 44 episodes produced of The Glo Podcast. Sunday’s episode is about kindness.

The Waveform Issue 25—New Starts

The Waveform is a newsletter from Red Cup Agency about the next edge in podcasting. In each issue, I’ll stay on top of things for you. When we launch a new show or post an episode that stands out, I’ll drop that into the newsletter. I’m Lee Schneider, founder and lead producer at Red Cup Agency. Did someone forward this to you, or are you reading it on the web? You can subscribe for free.

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Santa Monica Mountains in Spring.

Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe won’t let you leave until you finish your novel. ‹ Literary Hub

WeCrashed is nuanced, exasperating, and has great performances.

Coda. Beautiful tear-jerker worth your time.

Take care of each other.

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