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Tip of the Week: How to Delete Location Tracking History

Source: The New York Times Privacy Project newsletter.

Most of us are aware that our phones tend to track our every move (it’s one reason Google Maps and others are so gloriously helpful). Still, you might not want all that information stored everywhere. Here’s how to see what your iPhone knows about where you’ve been (and how to turn it off and delete the info). If you’re an Android user, here’s a link.

  1. Head to your iPhone’s Settings” and click the Privacy” tab.
  2. Your first option should be Location Services.” Click it.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Systems Services.”
  4. You should see an option for Significant Locations.” Click this.
  5. Here, you’re going to see a decent outline of many of the places you’ve been. You can click each spot and it gets even more detailed, complete with specific addresses and locations (though some might be a bit off).
  6. You can toggle Significant Locations” off if you don’t like the idea of this information being captured and stored. (Apple says all the information is encrypted only on your device and not on its servers.)
  7. All the way at the bottom of your Significant Locations” list, you can opt to clear history, which will erase past data. And you’re swiped clean … for now!

— From The NY Times Privacy Project Newsletter

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