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My pal Big Chess DC thinks today is a good day to tweet out his song/video “Arrest the President. Sep 25, 2019 ” And he may be right.https://t.co/G7ZiGvy0hF — this pic sent me into a fugue state https://t. Aug 21, 2019 this pic sent me into a fugue state https://t.co/tG2NvAcFbg — Kari Paul (@kari_paul) August 21, 2019 If you live long enough, one of the scary things that apparently happens in old age is all of your heroes and mentors and big scary ‘enemies’ crumble, Ozymandias style. Aug 17, 2019 If you live long enough, one of the scary things that apparently happens in old age is all of your heroes and mentors and big scary ‘enemies’ From all the recent posts across #Twitter featuring squid and octopus, you might have had an inkling it was #CephalopodWeek! Jun 26, 2019 Here’s an official “You’re right, this is way better than a standing desk. Jun 21, 2019 ” https://t.co/pSynP17Pdu from @NewYorker pic.twitter.com/yuX7xpuUaA — Lee Schneider Christina Dunbar is a storyteller, director, and producer of women’s stories for stage and film. Jun 17, 2019 I interviewed her for my mini-podcast. Listen Burnout is real, man. Jun 17, 2019 Burnout is real, man. pic.twitter.com/OXF3COT4YO — Burning Mom (@MomOnFire) June 14, 2019 “Algorithms are opinions embedded in code. May 20, 2019 ” Really enjoying the AI panel at @Outlier_HQ! #outlierpodfest pic.twitter.com/I7Vj7tG1uF — Girl In When you make one film you actually make four. May 3, 2019 #Entertainment and #Hollywood career tips from filmmaker Daniel J. Coplan. @z1jobutsu Subscribe and deep learning doesn’t impress me. Apr 19, 2019 wake me up when AI manages to beat three old women at mahjong while simultaneously chain smoking and passive Protecting Pollinators: How to Save the Creatures That Feed Our World Apr 18, 2019 Written by Lee Schneider Climate change is a giant problem to solve, so it comes as a surprise that some of our planet’s smallest inhabitants, bees, Follow Me on Skillshare Feb 19, 2019 Follow me on @Skillshare. Try Premium free for 2 months and access all my classes! https://t.co/MleOVZth0X — Lee Schneider (@docuguy) February Create Authentic Media Jan 3, 2019 Social media is not about shouting into the void. You want to be discovered. The best way to be discovered by people who will care about what you When Ride Sharing Becomes a Political Act Dec 27, 2018 Lyft and Uber, rival ride-sharing companies, are locked in competition for your attention. On the surface, the tools they use to capture your The Pleasures of Blogging Dec 27, 2018 Actually, not. Blogging is alive and well, but has entered a new life or a second life. Blogging like mad for SEO purposes is passé. You don’t to What Privacy Means Dec 19, 2018 Realizing people actually don’t know what privacy means. Privacy does not mean no one knows you exist and you don’t interact with the world. How Creators Communicate Dec 18, 2018 As a creator, whether you make video, blogs, books, podcasts, photographs, visual art, or code, you need to self-promote. Not only is promotion a Futurist Musings Dec 18, 2018 Nikola Tesla was thinking of radio in 1904 when he wrote, “the entire earth will be converted into a huge brain, as it were, capable of response in Entanglement and Pattern Recognition Dec 18, 2018 For a few years, while walking around our neighborhood or on my morning run, I would see a woman. She had a halo of fuzzy brown hair. Sometimes I